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Timber Marking

Thin from within. Our timber marking crew has covered over 50,000 acres in the last 10 years. We have marked 250,000 MBD of timber and counting. Our crew is adapt at all types of silverculter systems from leave tree mearking, shelter wood prep, seed and removal, to selection, sanitization and restoration. Our goal is to improve astand health in preparation of continued harvesting for years to come.


Timber Cruising

Inventory is an important part of timber land ownership. It is the foundation upon which major decisions rest. Your database needs to represent your land honestly and accurately. Our invesntory department staffs between 6 to 12 cruisers year round. We do not subcontract large projects, so clients can be confident that they will be working with the same people year after year. By combining old-school experience with the latest field data collection technologies, we have reduced turn around from months to days. Our devotion to accuracy and integrity is second to none. Whether your project is 10 plots or 10,000 plots, you can trust that we will deliver quality information regardless of time contstraints.


Wildlife Surveys & Studies

Protecting wildlife is an important part of forestry, especially in California. Keeping current, accurate information on the location and habits of wildlife on your property can be one of the most complicated aspects of Timberland Management. Since 2011 Black Fox Timber Management, Inc. has successfully completed several large wildlife survey contracts for multiple land owners. In the last 5 years we have conducted over 8,000 Northern Spotted Owl (NSO) station visits and several Activity Center Searches. Our large highly trained Wildlife Crew has many years’ experience identifying various different species, nests, dens, and potential habitat areas. The Black Fox Team has at its disposal a fully equipped fleet of trucks, AVTs, and snowmobiles to gain access to the most rugged and remote areas. We also employ a full time Mechanic to service our vehicles, so there is little to no downtime due to equipment failure. We use the latest in Radio Communications, GPS, and Digital Callers to increase the reliability of the information and to make sure that surveys are conducted as safely as possible. Black Fox has the staff, equipment, and experience to handle any size project with the highest level of professionalism. You can be confident that your company is making the best decisions for the health of its timberlands and the wildlife living in them.


Land Management & Studies

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Timber Harvest Plans

The Timber Harvesting Plan (THP) is the environmental review documents submitted by landowners outlining what timber he or she wants to harvest, how it will be harvested, and the steps that will be taken to prevent damage to the environment.


Timber Appraisals

Assign values to forest product volumes and acreages. Adjust figures based on access improvements, stand layouts, and acreage to determine the monetary value of a timber stand.


Distressed Property Management

Managing property that is available for lease by maintaining and handling all the day-to-day activities that are centered around the piece of real estate.


Wildlife Surveys & Studies

Determining population density of wildlife species within a specific radius.


Environmental Studies

Rigorous process for evaluating both potential site-specific and cumulative impacts that has been certified by the Natural Resources Secretary as functionally equivalent to CEQA.



Process where natural forest landscapes are replaced by other land uses, such as farming, mining, or development.


Expert Witness

Appearances at deposition(s) and/or at court as an expert witness supporting the appraisal and assessment of property if and when a dispute arises.


Geographic Information Systems

Designing, analysis, and management of all types of spatial or geographical data.


Archeological Searches

Historical Resource Impact Assessments (HRIA), Historical Rresource Impact Mitigations (HRIM), Palaeontogical Impact Assessments, and Traditional Land Use Studies.


Reforestation Planning

The establishment of forest on land that had recent tree cover.


Forestry Economic Studies

Forest Economics is a discipline that studies the production, distribution, and consumption of forest products and services.


Public Relations

Progress reports from forestry public relations work provide suggestions on how communications can succeed, not only with experts, but with the general public as well.

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