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Timber Cruising

Over the last three seasons, BlackFox has cruised over 700,000 acres of timberlands for multiple landowners. We pride ourselves on our efficiency and thoroughness.

Timber Harvest Plans

We help our clients understand the ins and outs of planning a timber harvest. From land boundaries to the type of cut, to terms of sale, BlackFox has the expereince to assist you.

Timber Marking

We know what to look for when marking timber and we understand the technicalities of logging and can inteligently mark trees for the most productive logging operations.

Timber Appraisals

BlackFox has the knowledge of forestry and the timber market to determine the value of the timber and its overall contribution to the value of a tract of forestland.

Wildlife Surveys & Studies

We follow state and federal protocols to provide a methodology that results in adequate coverage and assessment of an area for the presence of wildlife in a given region.

Forestry Economic Studies

In addition to providing a detailed and comprehensive picture of the impact of forestry, we provide landowners with a strong basis for making economic decisions in the future.

We are always on the move. Our ability to be flexible and cover almost any type of terrain in every season is what we think seperates us from other management groups.


Miles in a single season


Spotted Owl Visits


Projects in Southern CA


Plots we cruise annually

We are set up to protect your investment and help it reach its full potential.

We understand every client is different and each client has their uniqueness. Black Fox Timber Management Group, Inc. offers customized services to address those uniqueness’s.

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